Hey everyone, Ivaylo Stoyanov here from the Stoyanov Group and in this video I want to explain Broker Bay which is the exclusive network, how it works, what it is, who can use it and why anyone would use it. Have you ever seen a coming soon sign and before you see it get taken down you see a sold sign right away? Those properties are most likely being sold off market on the exclusive network.

 Only the top brokerages in Toronto and the GTA have access to the exclusive network which makes it that much more important who you chose to represent you in your home sale or purchase. Broker bay is used by realtors to give extra exposure to their listings before they go on the MLS and in some instances never go on MLS at all. This network is comprised of the top real estate agents and is not available to the public, which means if that if you want to see the listings on it, you need a realtor to send it to you. 

How can this help you if you are a buyer? If you are working with an agent who has access to Broker Bay, they will be able to send you listings that have not hit the MLS yet, giving you an opportunity to purchase without having to compete with many other buyers especially in a sellers market where almost every property is going into multiple offers. You get to be one of the first people to see the listings before the general public. 

How can this help you if you a seller? Generally there is a 1 or 2 week timeframe during which the home gets prepared for sale. Staging, taking photos, painting just being among the few things that usually need to get done before going on the market. The exclusive network gives you the opportunity to market your home during this time without accumulating days on market like you would on MLS. Why waste this time when you could be raising awareness about your home and getting it in front of as many people as possible?During these times many people want to sell their home, however are not comfortable with having 10-15 appointments a day come through their home. The exclusive network allows you to still get great exposure for your home while minimizing the risk of having so many people through your home. If you can get the same price for your home but not worry about 10-15 showings a day but rather have 1-2 showings would that be something you are interested in? 

Wether you are selling or buying, ask your real estate agent if they are part of the exclusive network so you can maximize your real estate experience!

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