Our Listing System Sells Homes!


Every property is unique and deserves to be marketed as such. Our goal is to make every buyer that walks through the front door fall in love with your home just as much as you already do. Our priority is to sweep you off your feet with your own listing because then buyers will do the same!


We concentrate on providing the best possible real estate experience for each one of our clients by going above and beyond what "most" realtors do. With the help of today's tools, it is easy to put up a listing and showcase it on MLS and online. We take it ten steps further and not only customize everything but create an unforgettable experience!


Each property gets its own unique marketing and sales strategy. By thinking through the mind of the buyers, we leverage our experience to customize a unique marketing solution for our content; photography, videography, staging, online strategy, targeted marketing and events!

Listing System That You Will
Love & Your Home Deserves!

Stress Free

Preparing Your Home For The Market 

Let's face it, selling your home can be a very stressful and time-consuming process and, if not done correctly, can spiral down quickly. We ensure that your sale process is as smooth as possible while getting you a 5 star result. After a thorough pre-sale consultation, understanding everything about your unique situation and home, marketing takes over and our team starts to prepare your property.

From contractors and cleaners to decluttering or junk removal, we will help make it all happen, so you don't have to. How your property looks and presents will ultimately determine the success of the sale. In addition to our marketing and sales strategy, we partner with the industry's best staging consultants. At your request, we will arrange staging and styling that best suits your property.

Our unique, custom property videos have a viral effect. By strategically targeting the potential buyer demographic for your listing, they will typically attract thousands of views within just a couple of days. Our videos are professionally filmed and edited, always. It's so important to be aware that there is a huge difference between a virtual tour and a video tour.

Don't be misled! Most agents will promise "listing videos" and what they intend to provide is an animated slideshow or virtual tour of the photos of your property. We spend the money to do it right!

Virtual Tours 

Everything Is Custom 

Beautiful Photography

It's Just Our Standard

The reason why first impressions are so important is that they last well beyond that moment. We live in a digital world and roughly 97% of buyers start their property search online. Buyers have so many options and swipe through thousands of photos online in order to find the one they are going to call home, which makes it that much harder to distinguish one listing from another.

When you only have a split second to captivate a buyer's attention and have your listing stand out from the rest, the photos need to stop them in their tracks. Professional photography, with a creative eye for every listing, is our standard. Our images are shot with wide-angle lenses, are high resolution and always unfiltered.

In a digital world, with buyers putting more and more value on time during their home search, they want to know more about the home than just a few photos. We take it a step further with our listings, allowing buyers to virtually walk through the home, look at floor plans and take their own room measurements.

3D tours help out listings generate 40% more clicks, 49% more email and phone inquires as well as bring on average 45% more qualified potential buyers. The world is changing, buyers are viewing more and more properties from the comfort of their home. We give them the ability to do so. Take a look for yourself, click the image to the right. -->

3D Tour

Taking It A Step Further

Professional Staging

Creating A "Wow" Factor

You only get one FIRST impression and we've been told not to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions usually impact our decision-making, so we choose to give potential buyers a captivating first impression of our listings. When potential buyers walk into a home, they think beyond what their eyes are showing them. They're visualizing themselves living in the space.

We partner with industry-leading stagers to showcase your home in the best way possible while bringing out its full potential. On average, staged homes sell for 2-5% higher than non-staged homes and stay 73% fewer days on the market.

Great books deserve stunning covers; great homes deserve to be staged.

Our Listings are showcased on individual pages, providing potential buyers with ALL the information they need including a FULL neighbourhood report. We present our listings online by highlighting all marketing efforts, using large -scale professional photos of the property and adding highlights such as floor plans, property features and custom videos. Go ahead, take a look for yourself, click the image.-->

Dedicated Property Page 

Everything Custom

Online Advertising 

That Brings Results (Buyers)

The "Put a sign on the lawn & hope and pray approach" simply does not work in today's market. Our team has sophisticated online marketing and social media tools to target, track and convert buyers. We get each one of our listings in front of 1000s of eyes before it even goes on the public markets. For every single listing, we determine the demographic profile of your potential buyer and run sponsored online campaigns that target them. We don't skip any detail, we hyper-focus on ads (down to age, postal code and interests) to run campaigns that are put in front of prospective buyers multiple times and across many partner websites and search engines.

We focus on the industry system that works and the best strategies which include; ads, targeted and segmented email blasts, retargetting campaigns, just listed and open-house campaigns.

We don't leave any stone unturned. Along with a strong digital plan to advertise every listing to thousands of potential buyers, we work with professional graphics designers to create a consistent, polished and modern style for all of our print materials, including property brochures, flyers and signage for you lawn, neighbourhood and open houses. All of our print marketing pieces are completely custom designed for every listing.

Print Marketing 

Custom For Every Home

Exclusive Network 

Maximum Exposure 

We utilize and expose our listings on the exclusive network to gain maximum exposure. Leveraging the exclusive network which only the top brokerages in the GTA are part of, we are able to market your listing and generate "a buzz" BEFORE it even comes on the public network. In many cases, we are able to sell our listings before they get a chance to go on the public market through the amount of exposure our marketing is able to generate.

Our Open Houses are catered for and carefully planned based on the type of property and its location. Our main goal is to create a strong buzz and lots of interest in each listing by utilizing online marketing. In addition, we make sure all of your neighbours and the surrounding areas are contacted to invite them to the Open House. Our main goal for every listing has one objective in mind; to sell your property for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with zero hassle or stress.

Open Houses 

Showing Off Your Home 

Crystal Clear Communication 

Complete Transparency Matters To Us

We know that no one likes to be left in the dark, especially when it comes to the sale of your home, so we ensure that we keep everyone in the transaction process well-informed with the most up-to-date information. We update our sellers on buyer feedback, agent feedback, market updates and neighbourhood updates, ensuring that they are aware of all important information.

We quantify our marketing strategy by accounting for how many people have searched for your home, seen your home and are interested in your home through our advertisements. We use these analytics to reach out and find more similar potential buyers for your home. We don't just tell you "we are going to market your home", we share the analytical and marketing numbers with you so you are aware of how your home is performing on the market.