What Is Your Real Estate Plan For 2023?

I am sure that every year around this time you sit down and set goals for the upcoming year ahead and they include:

  • 1. Financial
  • 2. Physical
  • 3. Relational
  • 4. Spiritual

The question is, have you sat down and really thought about what your 2023 real estate plans will be when it comes to your upcoming purchase or sale?

Some people may say; "Ivaylo, why do I need a plan, I want to buy a house, I call you and we go and buy it" or "I need to sell a house, I call you and you sell it"

While for some of you it may be as easy as that, for many of you, you need to call me in advance so we can put a plan together that works with your timeframe, budget and everything else.

For example, you are looking to buy a house in 2023 and you are finally mentally ready to start looking, you give me a call and after a few short minutes and 5 questions later, I let you know that even though you are mentally ready to buy a home, the bank may not think the same. Maybe we need to work on your credit, maybe we need to work on your downpayment, maybe you need to wait for that promotion, there are so many variable that go into buying a home. Remember, understanding the entire home buying process before you start your home search is more important than just looking at listings online, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

What if you are a seller?

Would you feel better presenting your home to potential buyers in its best possible condition so you can get the most amount of money? Would you feel better knowing exactly what to expect during the sales process? Would it help to understand historic seasonalities in the sales cycles?

An Experience Worth Talking About